Tennis workshops at Club Med

Give yourself a treat !

Are you looking for a great way to improve your tennis, or to give that extra boost to your child's budding tennis career ?  Whilst on holiday ? Combine a fabulous holiday with excellent tennis training at Club Med !


Flights, accommodation, the best all-inclusive holiday programme, AND excellent tennis training.


We specialize in Club Med all-inclusive holidays with or without tennis workshops. Many people don't know that the Club Med offers some of the best tennis training around, and all within a luxurious and really fun holiday setting ! And we at Hammond Holidays know more about the Club Med's tennis workshops than practically anybody else ! Why ? Because that's what we do on OUR holidays ! So tap into our know-how to get yourself the holiday that all tennis addicts dream of - eat, sleep, tennis, and then more tennis ! Bring the kids, the Club Med will take them off your hands, and teach them to play tennis as well ! 


We look after all the details so that you get to eat, drink, dance and get out there and play !  So ... what are you waiting for ?


The Club Med has now added La Caravelle in Guadeloupe and Les Boucaniers in Martinique to their ever-growing list of villages featuring high-level tennis workshops. Click on the buttons below to view details :